About us

Two best friends who love each others company, and travel. Not necessarily in that order. People, places and culture fascinates us. He loves the mountains and nature, and I’m a bazaar nut. If the snow gives him a buzz, for me its the bustle, people and vibrant colours. He loves capturing moments on his camera and I like writing.
This is a labour of love. All we want to do is share our experiences with the world, we want people to see India through our eyes. Every year, we’ll take a week long trip into quaint little spots in India, the famous cities and not so famous cities, and we’ll bring our experiences to you.
There is going to be a lot of chai, consumed in copious amounts from roadside vendors, quirky characters, imposing mountains, eventful bus journeys and hopefully a lot more.
We live in very different parts of the world. He, in Hyderabad, the city of the famous biryani, pearls and bangles. Where people speak a lovely singsong urdu accented hindi. He comes from a little village in Kerala, God’s own country. I come from the maximum city, a city that never sleeps, welcomes starry eyed strangers and accepts them as its own, and is the financial powerhouse of India. I live in the country that brought to the world fries, waffles, chocolate and beer. A little city in the heart of Belgium, Brussels.
Together, we have decided to set off on a journey to discover India and who knows, maybe the world!